I strongly believe that as we grow older our priorities change,and its true in my case. If I am to recap all those plans I had the fast few months, I could say there are major changes that I have come up. Like having a change of plan in renting an apartment. Now, I would like to have my own house that I can call mine. I started my house tripping two weeks ago. From north to south, I was looking for place that is near and accessible to where I am working now. My desire to have my own house was confirmed when I saw those model houses of the villages I was tripping. The home d├ęcor for the models houses are cozy and homey, I would also want to design in my own house were I could express my personality . So as early as now, I know now what I am up to and what my priority is. I already have my prospect house and lot to purchase and I'm planning to reserve a slot this coming month, for now I will have to research first the the area before jumping over the offer.

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