Its been taught and spread all out the net how health is wealth. We've been seeing reminders, tips and other precautions to prevent us from acquiring any kinds of deadly diseases in our environment. I have noticed a lot of changes  this days like  more and more land developer  converting  industrial lands into commercial one. High rise buildings are increasing in numbers, condominiums, town houses , malls and raw houses are built everywhere.. Because we wanted  progress and we don't want to be left behind with other country. But behind this things, do we care for people working in construction area, are we aware of the danger that the workers might get while working inside the construction ? Do we know that they can be a cancer  victim as  it discover that  people working in construction sites are exposed to asbestos? and asbestos is known to have a bad effect to human lungs . They might get Mesothelioma one day because of this. While it is said that  asbestos can caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs, and is considered a rare cancer disease, to those prone to exposure in asbestos, rare might be understated..  But we can  prevent the  numbers of  by giving them the proper information and precautions.

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