I have planned my absence on our community life tonight, but when I was already ready to go home my singles group drag me to the conference room and promised me that we will go home early after the report. But of course the time was not strictly followed, anyway it's okay because I have learned a good points to ponder tonight. During our comlife this evening, Our mentor showed us a video of Steve Jobs, A maker of Apple Mackintosh. While watching his commencement speech , His word strikes me, he said " You can never connect the dot by looking forward, and you can only connect the dot by looking backward" . Very true, with what his story end up, He could not be the Steve Jobs today that everyone is admiring if he did not mess up with his life and by looking backward, he used his bad experience to transform it into a good one. I really like his words of wisdom, so inspiring. To add up, he also says that, never never settle to things that you know your not happy but you are comfortable, keep looking for the thing that you love to do, because it is the way to become successful in your field. 

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