Speaking of mathematics, recalling my college days I always knew that I  am not good in math, but since it was a curriculum, I needed to pass the subject, that time. I am pretty sure I don't like numbers, I even failed my algebra which caused me to pay for my tuition fee for the following semester. But then I've learn my lesson, what I did after having such experience was immune myself with numbers and realize that  avoiding it will only compromise my study and the only way to get out of it is to embrace the subject and study it.

Today, I'm so amazed how technology brings comfort and help to students. Imagine you can always have a 24/7 free help on matters about mathematics like accessing answers on  probability-calculator instantly.  Had I knew these facts before and had I learn this kind of online help for students, I'm sure I'll be their first follower. Well, anyway I discover  that  equivalent-fractions and prime factorization  can always be as easy and interesting to learn,with such generosity from online math tutorial. After I realize and had me focused more on my math subject, I found out  that everything that we do in our everyday living can be associated  to numbers and so avoiding the subject will not help me. That's when I started to understand more about Linear programming , and appreciate the importance of it. After that, my confidence on math did improve as well. Learning more about line plot is no longer a big deal to me, and that  the secret only lies within me. So, for student out there who thinks their not going to make it because its a complicated subject, make up your mind, it takes an attitude to succeed. You'd loss nothing if you love the subject, in fact it will teach you a lot were in you can also apply in life.


kim said...

not much of a Math lover myself, but i think i would learn if i take some time to study it, lol!

Anonymous said...

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JENIE=) said...

honestly, i hate math hihihi!

glad to be here friend, see me back
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