I am so inspired to work today, the reason? well my close friends here in the office are teasing me, According to them I am so busy and so serious with my job. I just answer them with smile, but somehow they are correct, I am inspired to work since my boss is not around. Shes on field work for 2 weeks. She was assigned to help our business group in palawan for some project.
By the way guys, have you heard about xerox phaser 8560? I know about some kinds of xerox machines, but I guess this one is a bit different and has an upgraded features. Anyway, maybe you would like to check it out to ease that curiousity in your mind right now. Going back to my story, I have a two weeks activity plan which my boss instructed me to prioritize, No challenge as I am inspired to do my job and I can do it without interruption. What a lovely day.

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