When I was just starting to introduce my blog existence in the world web, I was overwhelm with the help and advices I received from old time bloggers and friends that are familiar with the way blogging goes. I did remember and apply day by day those advices they gave me. And months of hard work and sacrifice was worth it when I first get my opportunity, I know I was improving as I reviewed my entry. With the help also of some web site hosting my blogs were noticed and  started to cached in search engines. My page rank and traffic also increase, For a newbie like me It was an achievement. It motivates me more to strive for the better. My simple perspective of blogging begun to changed, courtesy of hosting and blog hopping I was able to learn more and I was able to figure out what I really wanted to do to my blog, what kind of write ups I would like my viewers to read in my site. I wanted more and wanted to reconstruct my blog theme according to my preference and interest, which is the very important part of blogging. Knowing what you really want to deliver to your readers. Maintaining your theme of interest that you love to blog about. These are just the basic things I have learned in blogging and I know as time goes by, I will acquire more knowledge and wisdom in this hobby of mine.


Biggest Loser said...

Hey me too like enjoy various movie in fact i am got addicted to them...:)

lina@happy family said...

Thanks for sharing, Yen

Up Close said...

ganun din ako. my friend encouraged me to do/make paid blogs to helps us earn more since hubby and I are both missionaries and we really dont have any salaries. We live by faith and God is good since He leads me to friends that helped me. Reasons why I'm into blogging.. and I really just would like to write anything. Pero i admire you sa mga blogs mo kasi maganda ang mga contents at focus ka sa kung anu ang category ng blog mo. hehehe. hope to be like you in the future. :)

pibyang said...

sana ako din mkakuha na ng opps! :)

I followed you and put your link in my sites! check out my badges and links page to see yours. :)

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