You are my shelter, my strong tower my very present help in times of need.He has deliver me from all fear, He has set my feet upon a rock. I will not be moved, my portion , my deliverer. You have made me glad, you are my strength, strong tower you are my shield.

God, all the highest praises, adoration, and honors belongs to you alone. I am guilty that most of my time was spent listening to music of known artist in our time today and I seldom listen to praise and worship song. I have my gadget were I can store up hundreds of heavenly song but I refuse to do so and prefer downloading songs of the world. What a mess I am. I know the things that could gets me near to my almighty God , I was taught of the things that could save my soul, yet my deeds puts me in compromise.I pray that things will change for me and that the spirit within me would lift me up and help me reach out my redeemer. Amen.

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