I was reading this new book that I bought last week and I could not help smile alone with some of the stories compiled by the author. One of the story that made me smile alone was about : Unanswered prayer. I thought this story was a bit serious and could explain reasons why prayers were unanswered. The story was about a businessman whose business had fallen on hard times. He was a devout person, and generous in the church he belong to for many years. He figured out that perhaps there were accounts receivable he had not pursued. So he prayed to God and asked to let him win the lottery. He waited, expectantly but nothing happened. Somewhat upset, prayed once again and pleaded his case but nothing. The next time, angry  he shouted to God " why don't you give me a break"?. Suddenly a great wind swept through his surrounding and a deep powerful voice said, " Give me a break?" why don't you give me a break? at least buy a ticket!"  

Oftentimes, we kept on requesting to God, and when our prayers is not heard and answered we tend to procrastinate over things, we failed to see the goodness of God because were blinded by our emotion. Remember that Faith without action is dead.

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