Two days ago I received a chocolate from a good friend of mine. My sister hand me the gift  yesterday and  told me that this very good friend of mine dropped by at my parents place and leave his Valentines gift for me. How sweet. Thank you Den, your such a sweety. Always surprising me with things I never expected you are willing to share. I received a Ferrero rocher chocolate from him. A box having 16 pieces of chocolate almonds coated in chocolate and sprinkled peanuts over the shell. Love it, Yesterday while I was at the office I am drooling for this chocolate so when I get home, I munched over the box of rocher and ate 4 pieces of it. I don't like too much sweetness and sugar but this chocolate succeed in tempting me and I am wanting for more. I thought 1 pc. of this coated chocolate is enough for me and I could just  refrigerate those remaining chocolates and just eat them if I wish to, but goodness I did not leave it empty tonight while I am seating here in front of my computer. Wow! I have become addicted to this chocolate and forgive for my mind is asking for more and I am planning to buy a box tomorrow.

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Kcaiyah D. said...

I love ferrero so much.