I love using eye wear  when going out it's not that I want to be fashionable but I want to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. It is more safe to go out with your sunglasses, in this way your eyes will not be forced to see the ray. Before I seldom see people wear glasses when they are outdoor. But as time goes by, the generation had successfully introduced it in the public. The last time I bought a pair I luckily purchased a wholesale sunglasses from that eye wear store. They were on sale I guess and I'm one of the lucky buyer to avail of their cool promotion. Sunglasses are fashionable and good for our eyes that is why some people I know keeps 2 to 5 pairs or more  eye wear according to their moods and activities they are engaged in. Do you love eye wear too? How many pair do you own? I have 6 pairs and they are mostly of dark brown colors.

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