The last time I saw my parents was January 01,2009 and it is now January 22,2010. Been missing them 21 days now. I wish I could go home tomorrow to see them and know their situation. My Father texted me earlier to call them and so I immediately called them because they seldom asked me to call them. And if they do, its for emergency reason , I am so nervous while dialing their number for I don't like to hear bad news. And besides I am not fit to hear bad news these time for I have also my own bad news to keep and hearing another bad news would crushed me into pieces. Thank God, it was not a bad news and I was relieve. My mother was asking me a favor if I could contact my old friend to supply them some noodles to display in their stall. But unfortunately I was not able to help them. That friend of mine whom my mother is asking me contact is my former boyfriend. as far as I could remember, Mother don't like her that much. So I am a bit shocked now when she asked to contact my old friend. I had no contact anymore with him for a year now, though I can reach him if I wish to, I prefer not to, I know my mother respect my decision and  understand that. I miss you mother.

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MISSY JANE said...

I'm sure your mom understands you :) it's really a tough decision concerning your feelings, been through with the same situation hehe but least you get to see your parents, unlike me the last time I saw my dad in person was 3 years ago when he came here in the Philippines for a short vacation and because of his work. While my mom the last time I saw her was Christmas :(, sometimes it's just painful that you get to missed people.