As the  beautiful Mount Mayon Volcano in Albay Bicol ,showed signs of explosion last week, more residents was forced to evacuate to a safer evacuation places. But some tourist despite the news of lava flowing outside the mouth Mt. Mayon.  were reportedly fly to Legaspi , Bicol to  see the lava flowing.

You can't figure it out,  now a days people became so adventurous, We admire the beauty of nature in our surroundings yet we don't take charge in preserving our nature. When I saw the news in television  last Tuesday , December 15,2009 of  this glowing fire flowing outside the volcano, my first reaction was wow! beautiful yet dangerous. Imagine yourself capturing the pictures of Mt. Mayon because you want to document every details of this looming explosion, but what if the eruption occur that time? can you save yourself? Again  the volcano shows hints of erupting again since the last time it explodes and destructs the whole city in February 1,1814 Leaving no trace of the towns near the perfect cone volcano aside from the bell tower of the church. Can you imagine the damages?

Next week we are celebrating the Christmas day, I hope and I pray that Mt. Mayon of Albay will continuously gives beautiful attraction in the town for the coming centuries of our existence and let the Bicolano's lives at peace. Merry Christmas in advance to everyone.