When faced in situation were tough decision needs to be done. How do you deal issues? Well some are good at it, they are well versed and geared in handling compromised and could easily come up with good solutions. But to some its an hilarious state.

When one of the person you valued a lot asked you a favor that would mean sacrificing some of your dreams and ambitions, can you give in? just to preserved the good relationship? Is it better to keep silent and just go on with the flow so that no more issues will be brought up, no more rewinding and reminding you of all the good deeds and favors they gave you so the relationship stayed good. Isn't it selfish to hold the persons growth they want outside the box and explore possibilities just because of  their beliefs over the particular issue and their not open anymore to other options.

My boss once told me  these ..If you really love me, then show it. Don't just say it! He was asking me to stay in his supervision but I have decided to try a new challenge in my field that I strongly believed I could expound my learning capacity and download more knowledge in favor of me. Now, I am trapped! I was asked again for the 6th time  to stay with the group for they need my service and besides I have already grow with them together with their vision and mission and I already aware of  the group's culture. But what  to do? It's not that my heart had turned away from them, buts it's more of challenging myself out of my comfort zone. I hope they will understand it and would learn to let me go without any grudges.

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