I often find myself wandering alone in my room at night thinking about anything that had happened to me the past years and thinking how I survive the pains and failures, how I meet those people that left a hole in my heart.  I wonder how and who will be the next set of faces will I be sharing my laughter's and tears and what would be my future. Then I remember my friends , I love them but don't want to pressure myself on things that will compromise my principles n life at the end. Well, first of all I know I am not getting any younger three more years and I'm out in the calendar. Almost all of my closest friends  are planning to settle down and have their own family in the next two years. When they ask me of my plans and priorities I just give them a shrug. And that makes them think I am a happy go lucky buddy. The truth is, I am really not seeing a conflict with my reaction with regards to their questioning.  Surely I'd  be happy for them if their plans do come true. It's not that I don't have a dream to settle down, I am just being true to myself. I am still on my way of discovering myself. If I become mentally, emotionally ,financially and physically ready to step up a new stage in my life and this is for real!

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