I became curious again with the template layouts of this blog of mine, so I decided to look for a free blogger template and replace the old one this morning. Yes, I was happy with the outcome of my new background. But sad to say , I am not  smart enough to save my old templates  that is why all the links I had from my previous templates is nowhere to be found.  I lost all of my Link friends. And I am having hard time  put them back again  immediately because I don't have copies for their blog addresses. Bloody thing for me to do. But I hope I could put them back here.

To all my blogger links out there..If you see your link is missing here in my page please leave a message or comment, remind me to link you back in here. Sorry guys, I can't retrieve them anymore. Just asked me to link you here and I will add your list as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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