I woked up this morning by the ray of sunlight penetrating the window of my room. I opened the window at once and was so happy to see the sunshine boasting up high. What a lovely sunny Sunday today.God is so good! the storm is gone and a brand new day to start despite poverty and calamity.I am happy that I am well and alive. You are still breathing. Our neighboor never cease to stop caring . We are still privilege to see the world today. God is so awesome! our life is precious to Him that's why He keeps his promises for us. Through God, we can do everything because he will give us strength if we keep our faith in Him.

I saw a news coverage last night on Ondoy's victims compilation. Pictures and video will make anyone sad and break their heart. People are trying to look for their missing family members in the funeral parlor I can't imagine looking after your loved ones in the funeral parlor (of all places). Those areas that had never experienced  flood before surprised the victims and made them swim for their own lives at their own houses. With my 28 years of existence in this world, This is my first time to witness an  all out flood in Metro Manila that almost erase some of the cities. I don't even want to watch the news last week because I'm afraid to see and hear that the casualties and damaged brought by Ondoy had increase again. But, I am  glad now that the storm has ended. A new day to start, to hope and to keep the faith. Thank you Lord.


Rossbaru said...

we wish for better future

Nanaybelen said...

sana maka moved on na at dina maulit