Is there a future awaits for the next generation? I am asking these over and over again during the weekends. With the news I heard, witness calamities , economic crisis, crime counts everywhere. These scenarios makes me a certified freak! I worry for my family, If I get married and I had my own child what good can I offer to them. Can they still see the beauty of  nature? what will they learn here on earth? I can't stand those pictures in my mind every time I think of my future.Prices are continuously soaring, goods and commodities are unpredictable. In the next generation, there will be no room anymore for the poor. Foods will be created in the laboratories because all lands are sold for commercialization. And land will be so expensive to acquire. So if this happened, will poor citizens survive? Very frightening isn't it? Men are losing the heart and becoming monster and greedy because of Money, Power and Authority. It's like everyone wants to be God in their own wealth. We are creating our own destruction.Gathering riches in this world without God in our lives is foolishness as I have once read in the scriptures of the Bible.

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