More government officials in the country is getting bold and transparent to the public in terms of abusing their authorities. They are becoming fearless and shameless with their crooked practices. I am working  under Engineering department and for the past three months I always heard the engineers here in our department complaining of the greediness of those authorities in the nearest local Municipal in town. Since our groups project right now is to put up a small Bazaar market located in their vicinity, our  engineer here  that takes care all the permits for the building construction looks over stress with the way it is moving everytime he goes out to secured all permits needed..

According to our Engineer, that's the way it evolved in the government agency. If you are righteous then you'll be sorry to the people in the government position. If you don't give them what they want despite the fact that your requirements are complete and you comply with the building codes, Still that will not guarantee you a past and hassle free release of your permits. In any way  they will find faults in the plans that you submitted to them. Imagine our group started securing all the permits last June 2009 and in God's mercy as of now the building permit that we are waiting to start the building construction is still in queu. The municipal engineer that will signed the permit is requesting for a gifts from our company. Goodness! Because our management don't bribe so they are delaying our permits. And this afternoon the City Engineer could no longer hold his pitch and bargain again his offer. Oh no! The crocodile is asking a front stall in the Market  for a one year moratorium. I can't believe it!  damn!

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