Our company is campaigning to promote a healthy body and living for all the employees and the family of every employee. Eight months ago, they introduce us this vitamin c in capsule form. Our chairman really put an effort for this vitamins so we will be informed of the benefits we could get from taking vitamins everyday, and making it a habit. These vitamin  is a sodium ascorbate so it is tummy friendly, user could take the capsule even if the stomach is empty.  I am taking Alka-cee as my anti oxidant protection. If you have anemia, It is best for you to know that vitamin c is an adjunct in the treatment of cough and colds. It prevents the symptoms of fatigue and pains of arthritis. Sodium ascorbate assist in the formation of healthy blood flow. All these benefits plus those other facts that I have not mention here in my post will not cost you much to try taking vitamins for your everyday protection against the harmful elements of our polluted environment. I saw a post of this vitamins, in some site here,  he is selling the vitamins for I think 6 pesos each. Not bad, compare if you will be admitted to a hospital because you had vitamin deficiency.  In the company I am working, the cost of  this vitamins is just 3.50 pesos for employee.Well, if you are interested to buy sodium ascorbate just feel free to message me, and I will help you were to buy this vitamins at a discounted price.

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