Got these topic from listening yesterday on the Morning rush hour of Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1 monster radio. I took notes on some of them but unfortunately I can't find it again. Anyway, I had stopped chasing for my notes because I had a feeling that sometimes when you are trying to look for a particular thing, It only makes you upset when you can't find it anywhere. But if you stop looking for it, all of a sudden the thing just appears from nowhere. Have you ever experienced that in your life? Anyway, going back to my topic tonight about being a hater. Here are those signs, check it out and see if you fall on the category;
  • Your a hater when you hate the fact that love works for others.
  • When you say no to everything just because to disagree ( I do this when me and my bf discuss something and later it will turn out to argue because I beg to disagree.)
  • They say if you hate newbies" , You don't have the patience to teach them because you are afraid to loss your status.
  • If you are Insecure and unhappy. Who always love to hang around but don't have something good to say. Your just there to fish out.
  • You always see and focus on the negative side.
  • You feel future is hopeless and you think there's no way to change.
  • When your paranoid.
  • When you clinch your fist and you can't fold your middle finger!
If you  got 4 counts from these signs , you better watch out and at least do some effort to overcome the hatred that is boiling up in you.