I am making my life so complicated; I am starting to become lazy going to work. After I had been stuck to bed for 1 week because of my flu. I don't feel like going to the office now and do my daily routine 5 days a week. I don't like Mondays, now I am just obligating myself to go to work because this is were I get my income, but you know it is really hard to work when the joy of doing your job has fade. It is tough because I am just working for a living, not because I love to do my job. Ahh... help, I don't like to be this way for the rest of my days when I am in the office. Monday is coming again oh no! I hope the President will declare Monday as holiday.

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demonyitogwapito said...

sana nga holiday na lang ang monday... hahahaha... kung sino ang tatakbong presidente sa 2010 na may plataporma na monday is a holiday, siguro siya ang mananalo. hahhaha..nice post! ako din kasi tinatamad mag work.. hehehe