Sex Scandal

The hottest buzz lately is more about Katrina Halili

Erotic scene with controversial ex- boyfriend doctor turned actor Hayden Kho has leaked all over the country. There sex video has become the talk of the town for a week now. Almost everyone who heard and watch the news on television became curious of the said video. Which in such case, some of our fellow countrymen and businessman take advantage of it; make money out of Katrina halili's privacy? The issue has been sensationalizing also. If you manage to go beside Quaipo Church, on the sidewalk market you will not be dissappointed for sure to ask any of the vendors who are selling dvd’s if they have a copy of Halili's bed scene with her boyfriend. To calculate also if how many copies had been produced and sold out, katrina's tape would probably turn into platinum album very soon. 

It is just really sad to know that some of our businessman has no heart. For the love of money they will do anything without even thinking that they might hurt others or worst they could destroyed the future of the person involved in the video. We have no right to take anyones privacy for our sellfish motives, may we all be reminded that all of us deserve to keep our personal activities if we wish to; we have no right to take it away from anyone. Let us all be responsible and considerate to those people involved. And above all let us not be judgemental, let us not condemn the persons involved in this sensitive issue.

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