Remisnicing Angels & Demons movie

The scene takes place at Vatican City of Rome. Lead actor Tom Hanks, known as Robert Langdon as the Harvard professor who specialize in the study of religious symbolism. While Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra, plays the role of an italian physicist and a daughter of a brilliant physicist Leonardo Vetra who was brutally murdered inside the laboratory of Geneva after the succesful discovery of particles of antimatter - the most powerful and dangerous energy that has known to man, and is believed to be a threat in the roman church followers.

The ancient Illuminati have highlighted in the story of Angels & Demons and the frantic hunt has begun to recover the canister that is reportedly hidden beneath the Vatican city were the conclave to elect a new pope has begun. The canister will explode within 6 hours and could seriously erase the Vatican from the history , the patterns of the great illuminati's was a real genius the assassinator leaves a clue to where he will drop each captive cardinals with a branding on their chest according to the 4 elements of Illuminati brand, the earth, wind , fire and water. If you love to watch a thriller and suspense movies this ones for you. Hooked up yourself and be entertained by Dan Brown's masterpiece and see it to believe.

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